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Denise Daniels was born in Palm Beach Florida but was raised in Broward County. After being down South for most of her life, Denise and her soulmate decided to relocate their family to Fort Myers, where they have been living since 2014. She’s a college graduate, who works with children while attending Florida State University. She enjoys spending time with her two children, as well as, traveling. 

Her journey began in the Pine Manor Community. Watching young ladies walk along the streets in their community wearing little to no clothing and speaking rudely, made her realize that the City of Fort Myers needed a mentor program that catered to young ladies. That's when Independent Butterflies Inc (IBI) was born. Independent Butterflies offer a place for young ladies to have a voice, be empowered, build self-esteem and become leaders. Her interest in helping young ladies succeed has become a major part of her life.

Independent Butterflies Inc. name was created from two words that brought together a vision. Independent meaning free from outside control and Butterflies which are deep and powerful representations of life. Independent Butterflies Inc was founded by Denise Daniels who also is President.


A family that prays together, stays together and succeed together.

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"Good Day "

-Denise Daniels
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