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Independent Butterflies Inc. (IBI) desires to serve as a full resource for young girls in the community. IBI’s goals include the following:

  • To partner with other youth organizations and programs to aid and meet the full needs of our participants.

  • To work in with the parents, schools, churches, corporations, and the community in creating future leaders.

  • To provide a safe, structured, and conducive environment for youth to express themselves while learning and growing.

  • To offer long-term mentoring and training programs that will create life-long relationships and long-term results.

  • Through a complete holistic program assist youth in becoming responsible, productive, successful adults.

  • Help guide youth in making informed and intelligent decisions about their future.

IBI Girls
Empowering our girls one by one.  IBI is a sisterhood.
I believe that IBI is more than just a mentorship program for girls, we are role-models. Telling a young girl something and showing a young girl something are two different meanings.

"Today is a Good Day to Have a Great Day"

-Denise Daniels

Our Mission

To promote and empower young girls to become responsible, confident, and self-worthy young ladies with social awareness.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision a community in which every young female is empowered to make informed decisions, establish a healthy relationship and be self-sufficient.

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